Could You Fix Police Cars?

From our Crime Reporter, 27 July 2017

Cumbria Constabulary is looking for one or more suppliers to provide motor vehicle body repair works.

The deadline for tenders is 14th August 2017.

The current contract is at its end, and therefore a competitive tendering exercise is underway to find a new supplier.

The Constabulary operates a vehicle fleet of approximately 340 vehicles, and has on hire or loan additional vehicles on a daily or weekly basis. Such vehicles are under the control of the Constabulary for legitimate police business. Cumbria Constabulary is currently divided into three operational areas covering north, west, and south Cumbria, with Headquarters located at Carleton Hall, Penrith.

The contract term will be for 36 months, with the option to extend the contract by additional 12 month periods.

Details of the Invitation to tender (ITT) document and specification can be found here.

To access the documents, registration will be required. Once completed, the link to ‘EU Supply’ should be followed in order to access, and complete, the ITT.