Penrith Monopoly


Would you like to build some houses at Gillwilly?

How about a hotel in Lazonby?

Take rents from King Street, New Squares and Angel Lane?

Penrith & the Eden Vallery Monopoly sets mean you can be the fantasy developers at a whole host of local roads and Eden villages. And you won’t need planning permission, just some lucky throws of the dice.

These unique Monopoly sets are great fun and also make the perfect gift for anyone who lives, or used to live, in Penrith.

PRICE: £24.99 for collection. For postal delivery, add £5.00

HOW TO BUY: Call 01768 862 394 to arrange to collect your set or email

Are you going to be the one to develop Burrowgate, or the whole of Appleby-in Westmoreland?

Let your imagine run wild with a Penrith & the Eden Valley Monopoly set.